brothercyst: vagrant in candyland

Monday, October 15, 2007

vagrant in candyland

Wandered the city all day running errands and editing Midnight Picnic on the subway. Kept running into people I know. It's as if Manhattan below 16th is just a big campus. Went to an event hosted by my friendly neighborhood literary society at a pseudo-communist club with a very nice bouncer who was a dwarf. Then walked with my friend Tom through the West Village and had a surreal moment: we stopped at Pinkberry, which is this twee little futuristic wonderland/ice cream store, and as we're ordering, an utterly bedraggled and filthy homeless man gets right up next to me and begs for money. Right away the effeminate store manager with stylish titanium glasses leans across the counter and hisses at the beggar to leave ("Sir, you cannot solicit my customers!"), which the beggar dutifully does, saying he'll wait for me outside. The sight of this absolutely wretched, grime-encrusted human bursting into the gleaming, spotless anime fantasy-land of Pinkberry and being sternly ejected back out on the street just seemed kind of--I don't know. If I'd seen it in a movie my brain would've said, "Too much... too obvious." Anyway I went outside when I got my change in order to give it to him but he was gone.


Little Miss Nomad said...

pinkberry is NOT an ice cream store. it's not even a frozen yogurt store. it's a cold yogurt store. i don't get it -- you could just get yogurt at the grocery store and put it in your freezer. can you please explain pinkberry to me? i just DON'T get it.

Nick said...

yeah, it sucks.

michele said...

I think it looks cool. We don't anything like this where I live. All we get is freakin Cold Stone Creamy in Jersey.