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Thursday, December 27, 2007

n+1, Maryland, blood

I read the latest issue of n+1. It's really, really good. The essay on "the rage of the loser class"--nominally about Cho Seung-hui but mostly about the author's cold-eyed impression of his life and the lives of people around him--is particularly terrific. The essay about the stages of Gawker's existence is great, too.


In Maryland. I've been reading Ron Hansen's The Assassination of Jesse James... but having a little trouble getting into it, although it seems wonderfully written. I saw Juno, which I hated so much that I was overwhelmed with the desire to bludgeon every character; I can't describe how much I hated this movie; I hate cute. I got (bought, not received as a gift) a new computer, since the old one was virtually spitting blood. I wrote a short story. I got (received as a gift, not bought) a digital camera.

took pictures of this person

and this person

and this person

who took a picture of me & some sort of extraterrestrial orb

and also there was some foliage


UPDATE: Here is maybe my favorite scene from There Will Be Blood. And the beginning of another incredible sequence. Spoilers, obviously.


A hell of a review for There Will Be Blood in the NYT. I was thrilled to read it. Anderson and Park Chan-wook are my favorite living directors. I loved Blood--but not as much as I love Boogie Nights, I don't think. I don't know, I need to see it again. But I thought there were a couple flaws--one that's been mentioned elsewhere (Dano's no match for Day-Lewis, especially in the final scene) and another one that no one else seems to mind (what the hell is up with the Paul Sunday character? he never reappears... it feels like PTA just didn't want to deal with the hassle of having two characters played the same actor appearing in the same scene... weird). That said... the film is fucking amazing and Daniel Day-Lewis's performance has to be beheld to be believed. Now that it's officially out I'm going to see it again (curious to do so with an audience of paying customers) as soon as I'm back in New York.



i hate atlanta. nothing opens here until a week or two after everyone else. i can't wait to see this. glad to hear your good review.

Nick said...

the promotion for TWBB is really weird. it's getting all these reviews and all this hype right now, but it doesnt even open anywhere except NY and LA until mid-January, when things will have settled down. it's not going to make much money in theaters.

Tom said...

Paul and Ely are the same person, DUH!

Nick said...

Tom, did you actually see the movie?

If so, and if this is a non-facetious comment, then I have to disagree. I had the same thought at first when Eli first shows up while Daniel's "hunting" on the farm, but later, Eli talks to his father about Paul, so unless there's some kind of mass family delusion, Paul is real.

Nick said...

Also, I need to eat cheaply and I want press toast. I will contact you to discuss this when I am back in the city.

Little Miss Nomad said...

FInally, we agree! Juno - blegh.