Thursday, December 20, 2007

Today I had lunch with someone who introduced me to one of the most fascinating concepts I've encountered since I learned what a strangelet was: "programmable clay." It's... I can't even say how cool it is. It will revolutionize everything. (Especially long distance relationships and battlefield surgery.)


trevor said...

I couldn't find very much on the internet about it. Clay soldiers? How will this affect future wars? How much will the stakes escalate when retreat becomes obsolete?

Nick said...

Basically the idea is that you (or anyone, or any*thing*) can have a physical avatar anywhere.

trevor said...

One of the sites I went to talked about the possibility of sending a clay version of a firefighter into a burning building. I thought about how great that would be and bomb squads, then cops -- then police states, war, large-scale armed robbery, etc. I love new technology, but I'm right-brained and can only enjoy it as a consumer. It sounds revolutionary, with both positive and negative aspects. If you know of a good study online, please post the link. I'd like to learn more.