Sunday, January 06, 2008

I am re-reading Jesus' Son.

"Are you hearing unusual sounds or voices?" the doctor asked.

"Help us, oh God, it hurts," the boxes of cotton screamed.

"Not exactly," I said.


Today I went to see Boogie Nights at the excellent Paul Thomas Anderson retrospective put on by the Museum of the Moving Image. It's one of my favorite movies. The "Rahad Jackson" scene. The scene where Philip Baker Hall tries to convince Burt Reynolds to switch from film to videotape. The Colonel.

Before the movie started, a bespectacled old man caused a scene ("He assaulted that girl!" someone yelled; "I saw it," barked an already-approaching security guard; "Define assault," said the old man) and was escorted out of the theater to a chorus of jeers and angry good-riddances.

Later I ate a press toast and watched the debates.

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