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Thursday, February 07, 2008


Anxious, overcommitted, not sleeping enough. Having intense dreams. Had intense dreams during the two weeks I spent in the woods. I wrote them all down in a dream log. ("journal" and "diary" sound lame.) Cut & pasted excerpts:

"1/24/08 (night)
I dreamed I was a character on the Sopranos. I got shot in the head so many times!"

"1/20/08 (night)
Had an Ed Gein dream [...] They were selling cheap, almost handmade-looking t-shirts (in various colors—pink, yellow, and blue—making fun of Ed Gein by saying things like “Hey Ed Gein Come Eat Me!” even though everybody knew he had skinned and killed some girls here recently. I bought one, stupidly, and started wandering around. The next thing I knew, Ed Gein was snuffling around behind me[...]"


Saw two concerts recently, Edan and Cat Power. Edan=amazing, one of the best concerts I can remember. Review. Cat Power=she was great, concert was marred by sound problems. Terrible feedback, fucked-up sound levels. Couldn't hear her voice over the assaultive guitar. Weird. The concert was at Terminal 5--never go there. Village Voice disses. More pictures here, plus pissed off comments.

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