Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've begun carrying my laptop with me everywhere as I try to revise multiple manuscripts, including that of Midnight Picnic, which I love but fear that most people are going to hate, and which I continue to carve down. Working in a short story but have not done anything to it since I left the woods; it's partly about being in the woods, anyway. And then Strangelets. Yesterday I had lunch with my agent, who is quitting the agency to go to Harvard Law; a little disconcerting for me but probably a net positive thing for the universe in general. And dinner with a writer who's excellent but who might not want me putting his name here. Then met with some friends from school to watch a CBS show, Welcome to the Captain, which stars one of our former classmates. Then Momofuku. Discussion of election; very civil. Sometimes I get carried away and harangue; here's a picture. Then home rather late, to find about eighteen cops standing outside my door. Which one of my roommates died? No, it was a neighbor, crying on the floor of the hallway. Also disconcerting. Decent dreams all night; I dreamed I had a flamethrower and some sort of shoulder-mounted weapon and was wondering through suburban sprawl/strip malls with a loose group of witty friends, torching and destroying the landscape, which is pretty similar to a section of Strangelets.

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