brothercyst: political contributions by writers

Thursday, February 21, 2008

political contributions by writers

Click here to see what people identifying their occupation as "novelist" contributed to presidential/political campaigns. The search brings up some familiar names. (Jay McInerney--$2,300 to Giuliani, for example.) And prompts one to wonder--how does someone you've never heard of have the liquid cash to contribute $4,600 if his/her occupation is "novelist"? (And what about the "poets" who give thousands?) I imagine it's like when I say I'm a "writer" on my tax returns even though fiction writing accounts for only a paltry fraction of my income.

Also, Fundrace only reliably tracks contributions over $200. So the writers who don't have quite as much cash on hand will not show up. (For example, I gave $75 to Obama but searching "Antosca" doesn't yield any results.)

Here are other writers and writing-related people, some excellent, some less excellent, most of whom do not appear in the above search:

Jean Auel--$2,300 for Clinton.
Judy Blume-- $2,300 for Obama and $2,300 for Richardson.
Geraldine Brooks-- $2,300 for Obama.
Michael Chabon-- $4,600 for Obama.
Deepak Chopra-- $4,600 for Clinton.
Dennis Cooper (same one?)-- $4,600 for Obama and $2,300 for Clinton.
Nelson DeMille--$1,200 for Giuliani.
Dave Eggers--$2,300 for Obama.
Jonathan Safran Foer-- $1,108 for Obama.
Jonathan Franzen-- $500 for Obama.
John Grisham-- $4,600 for Clinton and $1,000 for Obama.
Sara Gruen--$258 for Obama.
Daniel Handler-- $2,300 for Obama.
John Hodgman--$250 for Obama.
Tabitha King--$2,000 for Chris Dodd.

Dean Koontz-- $4,600 to Mitt Romney and $2,300 to Fred Thompson.
Nicole Krauss-- $1000 for Obama.
Tim LaHaye-- $2,300 for Huckabee.
David Mamet-- $4,600 for Chris Dodd.
Terry McMillan-- $2,300 for Obama.
Claire Messud--$300 for Obama.
David Milch (of Deadwood)-- $2,300 for Obama.
(no Toni Morrison?)
Walter Mosley-- $4,600 for Clinton.
Gloria Naylor-- $2,700 for Obama.
Susan Orlean-- $2,300 for Clinton.
Sara Paretsky--$586 to Edwards, $250 to Obama, $250 to Clinton.

Marisha Pessl-- $450 for Clinton.
Bradley Pierson--$475 for Ron Paul.Richard Preston-- $2,300 for Obama.
Anne Rice-- $4,600 for Clinton.
Marilynne Robinson-- $1,000 for Obama.
Jane Smiley-- $500 for John Edwards.
Amy Tan-- $4,600 for Clinton.
Binky Urban (super agent)-- $2,000 for Obama.
Vendela Vida--$700 for Obama.
Ayelet Waldman-- $4,652 for Obama. (isn't that $52 over the limit?)
Jennifer Weiner--$500 for Clinton.
Connie Willis--$277 for Obama.

If you find ones I didn't think of, feel free to put them in the comments. [update--thanks to Ed Champion for finding a bunch more I just added.]


josh said...

David Eggers -- $4,600 for Obama

Vendela Vida -- $700 for Obama

Claire Messud -- $300 Obama

John Hodgman -- $250 for Obama

Jonathan Franzen -- $500 to Obama

Gwenda said...

Searching author gets a lot more results. Who is shocked that Tim Lahaye gave money to Mike Huckabee? Anyone? Anyone?

Richard said...

I would be really shocked if some writer contributed money to this candidate.

Jackie Corley said...

That's a neat find.

Erik said...

Searching for "writer" gives interesting results as well:
"$1,961,138 was given by people who identified their occupation as 'writer'.

$251,242 to Republicans $1,709,896 to Democrats"

I recognized Adam Hoschild's (King Leopold's Ghost) name at the top of the list. He gave $6,900 to Obama.

Nick said...

Josh--good catches. I'll add them.

Nick said...

Richard, there's always 2012.

Richard said...

Nick, you think I'm a kid like your unseasoned Obama?

I'm as salty as I'm gonna get, and like McCain, my prostate problems have taught me the fierce of urgency of now.

Matt Borondy said...

Cool. I like Dave Eggers $2300 more now.

MathBikePianoGuy said...

Doing searches on is definitely big fun. I especially like Fundrace because, thanks to it, anyone who knows my name and where I teach can find out my home address - and all I had to do to get in on the fun was to make a political donation! Sure, the same information is on a government site too, but that one's really hard to search and is hardly any fun at all, plus its results don't show up in Google like the ones from Fundrace do.

I'm positive that all the judges and police officers whose home addresses are published on Fundrace think it's even more fun than I do.

Nick said...

MathBikePianoGuy's comment is really good.

Lily O'Brien said...

I imagine these unknown "authors" may also have additional income, or are perhaps independently wealthy. And although one may list "novelist" on their W2, they more aptly be described as destitute. In the way that Actor/Actress sounds more glamorous than waiter or waitress. To my knowledge the IRS does not persecute those that embellish career positions.

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