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Thursday, March 27, 2008

annoyed; concert

Odd day. I'm almost finished the crime story I'm writing, and I feel jazzed about it. I wrote a lot of it last night and this morning. Reading James Ellroy's Killer on the Road. Yesterday a friend I haven't seen in forever invited me out of nowhere to go on a trip to Mexico this weekend; I agreed, for some reason, and started to get excited; today that fell through and I felt disappointed about a trip I hadn't even been considering 24 hours earlier. Lesson: Never feel good about anything. I sent some stories to magazines. I met someone I didn't like very much. I considered what to do with this weekend.

Tonight essentially by accident I went to a Morcheeba concert at Webster Hall. I'm not an avid fan of theirs but I'm familiar with them. Morcheeba apparently has different vocalists all the time--I recall Cool Calm Pete and that singer Skye, whose voice I liked. But now they have this Frenchwoman, Manda. Being a musical idiot, I'm not a great judge in this area, but I am fairly confident of several things. 1) I enjoyed the concert. 2) They know how to play their instruments. 3) Almost every song they played, especially "Rome," "Part of the Process," and "Be Yourself" sounded better in concert and sung by Manda, 4) who is gorgeous and magnetic.

Video I took before my camera ran out of memory.

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