Thursday, March 06, 2008

My parents and brother will be in New York this weekend. My dad's putting together a concert on Saturday at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn. I'll be doing a small spoken word part in one of the pieces. It's at 8, and I think it costs $10. It'll be nice, you should come.


Bad week. Head cold persistent; general unpleasantness. Several days of brutality at work. But an amazing lunch today. Whenever I see foie gras on the menu, I think of Richard Grayson describing an educational video he was shown as a child that explained how foie gras was made by force-feeding geese. "They love it!" his teacher said. (Richard, am I remembering this right?) One thing we had was bacon-miso soup, which was delicious.

I was going to see Be Kind Rewind today but my friend saw it last night and walked out. I ran into my ex-girlfriend from college, who worked on Be Kind, yesterday morning. Unexpected, weird.

I'm writing a short story, might throw it away. Midnight Picnic, done; my gratitude to the friends who read it.


Richard said...

Yes, it was an old farm couple with thick Yiddish accents in the Catskills who raised the geese. I think it was presented in the film as kind of gross, though, that the filmmaker intended it as criticism but it was so neutral in tone that it seemed like a news report.

Obviously the old couple thought they were doing a good thing. I don't think geese are even kosher, though.

I had a hard time eating chopped liver after seeing that.

Maybe you have the flu? I have been sick in bed for days with fever, aches, everything not fun. I just tried to teach tonight and lasted 20 minutes trying to do a Jamaica Kincaid story.

Kati S said...

Be Kind is a very particular sort of movie that you have to be "for" before you see it. If you're already going in thinking you'll hate it, you'll probably hate it. It seems about 10 years old. That said, it's still charming. I'd rather like Michel Gondry to direct my life.

Colin Holter said...

That looks like a great concert program. Wish I could attend. . .

Alex said...

Be Kind Rewind is sweet, but no, it's not very good. It's not bad, and I wouldn't walk out on it, but Mos Def and Jack Black were miscast -- and, frankly, I don't think much of either of them, as actors -- and it's a comedy that isn't funny. Gondry really needs to direct someone else's scripts.