brothercyst: sensory deprivation, unauthorized videotaping

Sunday, March 02, 2008

sensory deprivation, unauthorized videotaping

...It's Monday night. I stayed home sick today and accomplished nothing. I just laid around depressed and sick and distracted myself by watching He Got Game and reading The Big Nowhere. This cold has occluded my ability to have thoughts of any depth or breadth.


On Friday, I had a sensory deprivation experience. "Floatation"--yes, spelled like that. You go into a soundproof and lightproof chamber about the size of a shower stall and float in water that's so full of salts that it's almost thick and you float like a cork. You don't have to make any effort to keep your head above water. You can hear yourself blink. There's no difference between having your eyes open or closed. I stayed in for an hour.

Then I walked around in the cold and froze; now I'm sick--quite sick. Also, little sleep. It hasn't been a relaxing weekend. I didn't get any work done because I was too busy. My skull feels full.

Today in the subway I was walking on an overpass above a train and for no particular reason I decided to record it with my shitty cell phone video camera. A cop walked past then turned around and came back and asked me what I was doing. I said I was taking a video. He said I had to stop. I asked why and he said it was not authorized. I said, "Not authorized by who?" (Still videotaping.) He said, "It's illegal, you can't take cell phone videos." Then my phone, which has a limit of 30 seconds for individual videos, stopped recording and I put it away. The cop explained to me that while it is legal to shoot videos with a video camera, it is not legal to shoot videos with a cell phone camera. I said, "What law is that?" And he said, "Unauthorized videotaping." I said, "That's absurd." He said, "I don't make the laws," and I didn't bother arguing since I was done anyway, but as my friend pointed out when I joined her for lunch a few minutes later, I should have said, "You're making them up right now."

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