brothercyst: writing it out

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

writing it out

While I was in Atlantic City I plotted out a "plot" story. I wrote out everything in a little pocket notebook and kept the pages in order, placed neatly in my moleskine. When I returned, I scanned them all at work together in groups to make files I could save on my computer and refer to while writing the story. Like this:

I feel like it's a nice personal reconciliation of our modern practice of writing fiction on laptops with the Nabokov/Kerouac/everybody else tradition of writing shit on notecards or napkins or whatever's around.

Anyway, writing the story now, will probably throw away when done--just an exercise.


mike said...

I have been drawing on napkins lately,at bars, and I always seem to have more fun and better ideas when I am working like that.

Frank Sauce said...

I've been eating post-it notes and leaving all my work in a public toilet to share with the vagabonds downtown.

The only problem is that I have a hard time peeing in the shower now. It must be my guilt for supporting companies like 3M and Office Depot.

Oh well, it's for art's sake.