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Monday, April 07, 2008

it is monday

Erin says Nabokov was a pioneer of emoticons. Bess says Nabokov hallucinated reading his last novel to an audience of “peacocks, pigeons, my long-dead parents, two cypresses, several young nurses crouching around, and a family doctor so old as to be almost invisible”.


I am dizzy/lightheaded from being so sick; also in a bad mood.


Richard Grayson says in an email:

Since my first fiction chapbook appeared 30 years ago this summer, I have been repeatedly asked when I will be coming out with a collection of sex stories for teens. In fact, this is probably the comment I received most between the time each of my books were published and then mysteriously disappeared.

Now that I am old and near death, such a teen sex story collection will finally be coming out this summer. You can find links to stuff about my new book, Who Will Kiss the Pig?: Sex Stories for Teens below:

I'll buy this.

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