Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Slatted Light, who commented below, is responsible for bringing my attention to this. Chris Cunningham's videos for Aphex Twin and others are all most pleasing, but Rubber Johnny makes something unique happen in my brain. I can watch it over and over again.


Eric Shonkwiler said...

Rubber Johnny: Earth's first line of defense against alien laser beams.

slatted light said...

I'm the same, Nick. I can watch it over and over again too. Especially the intro which I find so mesmerising for some reason: the cool rational diagnostics of the doctor over the claustrophobic shot of the distended face and the way that voice is so unphased - its almost chipper, really - by the utterly bizarre things before our eyes or the bizarre distress we see or something: "don't breathe like that, it'll make you feel really strange", "a prick, just like a little bee sting" etc. Glad you enjoyed it, man.

slatted light said...

Oh sorry, also, I just noticed the comment you wrote back below. I'm after a DVD copy. It seems almost impossible to get a hold of at a reasonable price, what with it being out of circulation and all. I think the second hand copies on Amazon are selling for about $100 US at lowest. And that's the lowest I've seen it. I'll probably just have to bite the bullet and buy it, if I want it that badly.

Oh, and if you don't mind me asking, and I hope I'm not prying, but what work do you do?

Also, that Hyungkoo Lee exhibit is really spectacular. Makes me wish I was in New York. Hmm. Thanks for the introduction, dude. I hadn't heard of him before. Truly amazing stuff.

Nick said...

Eric - I wish there was less dancing and more interview. But yeah. There's not *that* much to say about this, it just has to be regarded.

SL - I agree, the first part and the chihuahua drinking seem to get most thoroughly at some kind of modern nightmare... the nightmare of having to look very closely at a severely deformed person. And also being scrutinized/patronized by a generally indifferent/clinical authority figure. And also the nightmare of being disgusting.

I had no idea my Begotten DVD was worth anything. I sold my Salo DVD for $300 once when I was really broke and I regret it now, especially because it was a gift and had some sentimental value. I won't be selling this one. I can't believe I lent it to someone and didn't bother to get it back for six months.

During the day I make reports and so forth at a hedge fund.

The Lee is really remarkable--the picture don't capture the experience at all. At the end you get to see the artist's studio, or a replica or something of it, which is really fascinating.