brothercyst: insomnia

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Sleep problems really do something trippy to your head. I feel like I'm on some mild dissociative trip--DXM, ketamine, something. I woke up at 2 AM yesterday morning and I've been up ever since; it feels like there's a membrane of jellyfish meat between me and the world.

I did get a lot of writing done--I wrote several thousand words of Strangelets yesterday morning before I went to work. It remains unclear to me whether this book can ever be published or even submitted for publication.

Also I am working on another project that takes probably 15-20 hours a week and while it is far from guaranteed that anything will ever come of it, I feel very excited about it.

Valzhyna Mort's new book is reviewed briefly in this week's New Yorker--wow.

I saw Iron Man and Redbelt: both good. At Iron Man I saw the trailer for The Dark Knight. Looks mildly fun. At Redbelt, I saw the trailer for Baghead... it just looked dull until the final few seconds of the trailer, which elicited a roar of milk-up-the-nose-style laughter from the audience (and me). I'm not sure it looks as unintentionally hilarious when seen on a computer screen, but check it out. I will probably go see this.

Time to attempt sleep again.


paula said...

I love your description of sleep deprivation.

I read Mort because of the link here on your blog. She's deserving of the review, very much so.

Nick said...

Yeah, she's awesome. You've never had the Valzhyna Mort experience unless you've actually heard her read. She sounds like she's casting a death spell or something, it's pretty cool.

trevor said...

Good luck with your other project! I'm anxious to see what you meant by dark and fantastical. (I think that's what you said--going from memory)