brothercyst: FEAR OF DEATH

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'm doing a reading tomorrow night, that's Wednesday night, at 7. Guerrilla Lit. HERE IS THE INFO. I am not prepared. I assume I'll read from Midnight Picnic. Galleys don't exist yet but they will soon.

Last night I felt actual physical fear for the first time in a long time. I climbed onto someone's roof while not completely sober. To climb there I had to climb this incredibly frail, narrow fire escape that seemed designed to make you fall off. As soon as I was on it I realized I was in much more danger than I had expected. Once when I was a little kid I was carried up some sort of rock formation in someone's arms. Jesus Christ.

Last night I also went to a reading for Darin Strauss's new book. It looks good. John Hodgman read and was funny. It was crowded. I wanted to also go to an FSG reading by John Haskell uptown and in fact walked over there since it's near where I work but then realized I couldn't do both and went to Strauss's thing, since it was his launch party.

Last night I also went with Tom to eat deep fried hot dogs at the bar you access through a door in the back of a phone booth. My friend Laura took me there first; she knows good places to go.

I wrote a story about a lobster.

I finished a major project that may never see the light of day.

I spent most of this weekend in an amazing apartment full of books and wreckage; the most "old New York" apartment I've ever been in.


Katey said...

Nick said...

yeah, that seems about right.

trevor said...

I almost drowned twice. once as a small child when I fell off an adult's shoulders and into a lake, and again as a kid after being pulled out by an undertow during a storm (at south padre island). this is much more vivid and frightening than the lake incident. I grabbed a cement slab sticking out of the water (a breaker?) and waited until I had the strength to jump back towards the shore and swim like a madman. somehow I made it.

wish I could come to the mp reading. if you record it (audio or video) please send.