brothercyst: THE DARK KNIGHT

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Yes, okay, as everyone says, The Dark Knight is a terrific movie and I will watch it again. Except for the last scene. Spoiler warning. That scene with Harvey Dent and Jim Gordon and Batman at the end is bizarrely tedious, on-the-nose, and full of lame lines ("Will you please stop pointing that gun at my family!??"). And Batman suddenly develops great difficulty using grammatical contractions.

But I must also acknowledge the film's many, many great moments: The Joker's pencil trick, the bank heist at the beginning, the Hong Kong scene, the "SLaughter is the Best Medicine" truck and its somersault, the interrogation room scene btw Batman and the Joker, the stomach bomb (cool!), the burning mountain of money, the hospital scene with the Joker cross-dressing as a nurse, the ferry boat "experiment", the battle at the end with clowns and dogs and the SWAT team and the Joker--and maybe one or two I'm forgetting. I really liked it.

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