brothercyst: I HATE THE BUS

Thursday, July 31, 2008


It is old, it smells bad, there is no legroom, someone might cut your head off. What the fuck?? This is absurdity.

Transcript of interview with a witness.


Jackie Corley said...

that is the most disturbing thing i've read in a long, long time.

Paula Bomer said...

That really beats my bad Greyhound (and other) bus stories. I took the bus from South Bend, Indiana to Detroit twice in the 80s--good, nasty stuff. And then I took a bus- from Buenos Aires to Rio! That was reeeeally messed up. More recently, I took a bus from NYC to Toronto, the midnight til 7am bus, with my two sons, I was being spontaneous, the train was booked, flights were out of the question and I was held up at the border for an hour- the customs thought I was trying to kidnap my kids from my husband. It was an unpleasant hour. But not as bad as my South America bus trip...maybe.