brothercyst: LONG WEEKEND

Friday, July 04, 2008


Don't know how this came to be, but fair enough--that's cool. I just came downstairs. It's the Fourth of July. I can hear fireworks. I'm eating sardines. Today I swam for a long time after waking up very early on Tom's couch and then writing in his living room on Google Docs for several hours. Last night we went to a gun range and fired rifles for a while. I must say, the safety and security precautions there were not very rigorous. Not only is the safety speech at the beginning cursory, but there's one "instructor" for like 12+ people and he failed to notice that a couple of those people were not even remotely sober. Nor did he seem to mind people firing the rifles one-handed while videotaping with the other hand.

I feel good today. Tomorrow spending the entire day working on something. I wish I had a building with a lap pool that was open all night. That would solve everything. Insomnia... everything.

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