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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Diala told me I don't post enough--I should post something.

Dessert. I had a dream about desserts.

Sanity. Thank god for swimming, it has made my head right, I can sleep and think properly.

Galley. I've been reading through the galley of Midnight Picnic. There's a feeling of anticipatory happiness and dread when you read your galley.

Money fear. Have spent money unwisely; have none this month. Going into credit card debt.

T-shirt. I want this "Reading" t-shirt but my nemesis already bought it, so I can't.

Dad. My dad came to town to work on a Buchla, an obscure/inscrutable instrument used to create the first electronic symphonies many years ago.

Book. Writing a story now about kids who explode.

Friends' writing. A lot of friends have given me things to read recently--stories or excerpts or full novels. They were all really good. It's kind of humbling.

L.A. Going to Los Angeles tomorrow.


Colin Holter said...

Buchlas are fantastic. The filtering modules they came with are still among the best-sounding analog filters out there.

paula said...

Who is your nemesis?

N A said...

Colin, I'm not sure what that means, but good.

Paula, Tom is my nemesis. It's basically a love/hate relationship.