brothercyst: TOO MANY HUMANS

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


When I remember recent conversations, sometimes I can't remember who I had them with. Most weeks I spend time with maybe one or two people but in the past two weeks, especially with vacations, I have interacted with too many people.

Today I was trying to remember a conversation with somebody that I had on Friday night. I could picture the person and the person was blonde. I knew I was hanging out with someone on Friday night, but she's not blonde. It took me ten minutes to remember that on Friday night she was wearing a blonde wig. On Saturday at a birthday party I saw too many people in one place--people I didn't expect to be there. This fucks up the circuits in my brain. On Sunday it rained and I ate ice cream. I accompanied a friend shoe-shopping.

The last summer I lived at home, when I was nineteen, I never left the house and after a while, my dreams started to reflect my daily life--sitting around the house, having surly interactions with my mother. Soon I literally couldn't distinguish between dream memories and real memories, and I'd be annoyed with my mother for things she'd done in dreams.

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