brothercyst: WATER IN EARS

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I have water in my ears. Seem to have become addicted to swimming. (I'm sure it will pass.) Every day since last week, sometimes twice a day, I've gone swimming for as many laps as I can physically do without throwing up. (Not that many.) The right side of my neck aches from turning my head to breathe. It seems to affect my general perception a little. I feel slightly dizzy or unstable the rest of the day, when I walk around at home or on the street or in the office. It's weird. I'm not sure if I'm having a harder time thinking--I can't tell.

Not smoking anything anymore. Eating only healthy things, mostly. I haven't written a lot of Strangelets lately but it's close to done (the first draft) and might be completely awful.

Weird things are happening. I was sleeping at my hyperactive friend's apartment last night. The apt is absurdly, almost pathologically messy, and is roamed by two huge, territorial monkey-cats. They jump on the dresser and just clear it off, knocking anything there to the floor. Bottles of wine, notebooks, anything. I left my phone there and they knocked it off sometime around dawn, waking me up. I reached behind the dresser and retrieved my phone--but it didn't work. I started grumbling and cursing the phone and the cats until my (charming and amazing!) friend, also in the room, woke up and got impatient with me, saying, "Look, my old phone was exactly like yours, just take that one," which annoyed me because obviously I didn't want a phone that looked just like mine, I wanted my phone with all my numbers and messages in it. But my friend kept saying things like, "Can I just say something? You're being stupid. Take my phone!" so finally I sighed and said, "Okay, where is it," and my friend reached behind the dresser where the cats had knocked my phone and retrieved from the cluttered, filthy floor a phone identical to mine. "Wait, it was there?" I said. "Don't you see that you've got my phone in your hand, and this one that I thought was broken is your old one?" And it was. I don't know, it seemed pretty surreal at the time.

Tom and I are going to a shooting range on Thursday, I think.


Mike Young said...

I like that phone story a lot.

N A said...

my day felt like i was in a sitcom on mars