brothercyst: WKUK

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I've had an unpleasant couple of days, doing a lot of scowling, my grimness only alleviated by three things: 1) a writing project I'm working on 2) swimming 3) Whitest Kids U Know sketches on Youtube.

Ned introduced me to #3 the other day. It's rare that I laugh at sketch comedy, but I find many WKUK sketches funny enough to watch repeatedly. They remind me of Suite 13--the now-defunct sketch comedy group of which I was a member in college--in their foulness, loony digressions, and semi-competent acting. For no good reason, here are some that I particularly enjoy.

Abe Lincoln sketch. The guy who plays Lincoln is great.
Leg Peeing sketch. Presidential assassination is a theme in WKUK sketches.
Period sketch. I laugh out loud at the end.
Opposite Day. Reminds me for some reason of Pre-taped Call-in Show. Less smart but funnier.
Dinosaur Rap. Music video, not a sketch, but I love it.

For some reason they do very funny banter between Presidents and their wives.
JFK and Jackie.
Lincoln and Mary Todd.

And then there are these two sketches, which seem at first to be crudely amusing one-note jokes, then take nice left turns.
Dirty Dating Game.