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Monday, August 11, 2008


My head hurts. I'm pretty tired but I feel good. There was an astonishing storm this afternoon that completely blanketed Manhattan, and watching it roll in from the windows in my office was amazing. I'm reading The Easter Parade. I swam a mile on Sunday morning. The only thing I eat now is Naked Juice and chips, although last night I had a Chang Dog, which is wrapped in bacon and slathered with kimchi. A famous author whose books I read as a child politely declined to read Midnight Picnic and blurb it; I still love him. I watched Mulholland Drive basically twice this weekend, worked on Pipedream (as I'll refer to the project that's consumed much of my time this summer) all evening Friday, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday. I did a little work on Strangelets.

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Ned said...

Mulholland Drive is amazing.

N A said...

Yes it is