brothercyst: PRETTY DAY

Monday, August 25, 2008


The No Colony reading Friday night was good. I read a section of Midnight Picnic and a section of Strangelets. I have been thinking a lot about Strangelets now that the first draft is done and it's time to revise. At the reading I met Blake Butler and Ken Baumann, who came from out of town. A lot of other people were there. Ned, Laura, Kendra, Mike Young, Gabe Durham, Mick Lexington, Noa, Lucy, Tom sort of (just back from Israel and having meltdowns right and left), this guy Peter and his wife Heather, Bess, other people, I'm trying to remember...

The weather continues to be gorgeous. I wandered in the sun some this weekend. But mostly what happened this weekend was that Ned and I worked on our script. I lost The Third Policeman and I hadn't finished it.

I've been thinking about addictions. Addictions can be good. People who get really good at something have to be addicted to it. I was reading two NYT magazines articles--this one, about lulz, and this one, about the robot water creature Michael Phelps--and considering how these people dedicate their whole lives, basically every waking minute, to a single pursuit. Don't they ever have existential crises, I wonder? Perhaps not. When you have an addiction, feeding the addiction makes you happy. It's nice to smoke a cigarette when you're kind of addicted to cigarettes, and I'm sure it makes you happy to shoot heroin if you're addicted to heroin. But you have to stop doing those things because eventually they rot you and kill you. How nice, then, that there are good addictions! Like writing, which every writer I know is (and should be) addicted to. Or swimming, which I realized I'm addicted to when I went two days without getting in a pool and became despondent in a very quick, irrational way one night--clearly the result of some sudden chemical event in my brain. You can be addicted to another person, too, or other people. If you're not addicted to anything at all, probably your life is unhappy or at least pretty dull.


Gabe said...

We went to back to that delicious asian smoothie place yesterday. Good to see you, man.

N A said...

I love smoothies. I read the first two stories in your chapbook so far--I like it a lot.