Tuesday, August 12, 2008


One thing that I'm glad exists is Seamless Web. That I can just go on the internet, click on some food, and have it brought to me--that's the way it should be. Yes. Last night Ned and I ordered off Seamless Web. But Ned doesn't like duck. I don't know what's wrong with him. Who doesn't like duck? So tasty and fatty. I like vegetarian dumplings. You know, vegetarians, soy protein is no good for you on its own. You need certain enzymes to digest it, and those enzymes are in meat. That's what Brady says, at least. His friend grew up on a hog farm, and his friend says, according to Brady, "Tofu? That's garbage. I feed that shit to hogs." The Chinese used to eat their soy-containing foods with a little piece of bacon on top. A few weekends ago it was three in the morning and Laura and I were watching a horror movie and decided to order off Seamless Web. If you blog about Seamless Web, you get $50. We got some very greasy food and threw half of it away, because I value my health more than the principle of "eating everything that's on your plate." But what we ate was good. From now, when Ned is over, I'm going to insist on eating healthy food, because we always eat badly. It isn't healthy.