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Friday, September 19, 2008


Friday night, back at work. It has been a rollercoaster-y week. The script is written. I put all my money into index funds on Monday and Tuesday.* Working on other manuscript. I think I might sleep here tonight, on the floor.

Midnight Picnic is coming out soon. I feel anxious about it because I gave my galleys away. When Midnight Picnic comes out, I hope some people will read it. I feel restless with energy.

If you left me a voicemail this week and I haven't returned your call yet, I am truly sorry. (Except in one case. Do not leave me a voicemail asking to stay in my apartment if I don't know you and haven't responded to your earlier voicemails.) There is too much right now. Remembering everything I have to do is like herding cats. And books and the internet distract me.

Midnight Picnic.

UPDATE: It is 4:07 AM and I just got home from the office.

*Why is no one really commenting on the fact that the SEC just outlawed short-selling? What the fuck??? That's insane. It's not like I have a super-comprehensive understanding of how the stock market works, but... how the fuck is anyone supposed to get market-neutral now?

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