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Friday, October 31, 2008


Leaving town shortly to do campaign work in Pennsylvania. Not confident about an Obama election.

  • Eventful week what with sudden death of Impetus Press.
  • Plans underway for Midnight Picnic to be published, possibly before the end of 2008, by another press. Willy Blackmore has done a lot here. Announcement forthcoming assuming all goes well/things are signed.
  • I saw Darling Darling this week, one of the most excellent short films I've ever seen.
  • Saw Pride and Glory this week; it was decent.
  • Wrote a new (very) short story called "Rat Beast" last night.
  • Applying for this fucking grant that I neglected until it was way, way late. If the application doesn't arrive at the place in the mail by tomorrow, I'm disqualified.
  • I seem to have lost time like I have a hole in my pocket. I have no time left lately.
  • Read the David Foster Wallace article in Rolling Stone.

"Soon... the aliens are coming." What the... I forgot about this! An animated trailer for a short story I wrote a while ago that was published by the weird, cool GUD magazine (they pay):

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Eric Shonkwiler said...

Fight the good fight.