brothercyst: WE NEED TO BE WET MORE

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Yesterday was a day that started out nastily, got worse, settled into bitterness, and then got good. I woke up and tried to get on the train, but my metrocard didn't work. I tried to buy a new one with my "Etrac" credit card, but it only had $79 on it and I needed $81 but I'm not allowed to put $2 extra on it. So I had to pay $81 out of pocket and fill out various forms and mail them off in order to get the $79 sent to me in check form. Then I had to buy a plane ticket but the website wasn't working. I went swimming and it calmed me a little, but then I ran into an ex-girlfriend I didn't want to see. Then I heard some unrelated terrible news. And my phone kept ringing at work, and intolerable emails kept arriving. I felt like I wanted to be that kid in that story who has a hammer and just beats things with it. (Bunnies and cats, I think?) Then the sun started to go down and I got calmer and ordered food (salmon, vegetable dumplings... I might be going vegetarian--though I will still eat fish). I wrote. I looked out the window from 40 stories up with the lights off and music playing; it was calming. My friend CB called and I said I was in a strange mood and we decided to go to the former Hotel QT and swim. It felt pleasing. "We don't get wet enough," CB said. "In daily life. We should spend more time in water." (I already spend a lot of time in water.) If you lie flat on the water in a swimming pool and roll over again and again, you feel really strange. I recommend it. We sat in the steam room for a long time. I was incredibly relaxed. Then we took the train home. Everything was all right by 0:01 AM.

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