brothercyst: EMAILS, PHONE CALLS, DREAD (plus MLP & MP comments)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The dread-to-pleasure ratio of the emails and phone calls I received today was not good. Generally frightening things are happening. But some good. I got an email forwarded by an editor... an author I admire wrote to him about me... I exist.

Also, J.A. Tyler read and enjoyed Midnight Picnic.

Also, here are HTMLGIANT reviews of the three new MLP press chapbooks, including "Rat Beast."

Here's another person who read and liked "Rat Beast."

And another, JSS from the UK, who blogged about Midnight Picnic also.

Thank you for reading, readers.

My friend Rob Spiro won a Hawaiian dance competition against MC Hammer the other day. This is true. He's in a tech start-up and MC Hammer has started a tech start-up and they were at a conference where that was one of the activities.

Last night I went to Momofuku Ko. Outside of New York this means nothing to anyone. It was delicious.


Alicia Pernell said...

when i read 'brothercyst' i automatically thought of the church kind of brother.

N A said...

like a monk? a monk with a tumor?

Alicia Pernell said...

yes! like a monk with a tumor...

"Brother Cyst! How are you? How's that tumor feeling today?"

wb said...

Momofuku Ko means something to me. How did you get a reservation? Was it amazing? I'm promising myself that whenever I go to NYC from now on, I'll try to get a reservation there, considering what decent deal it is to eat there and how amazing the food looks.

N A said...

Brother Cyst would be a goddamn great name for a monk.

Willy--I got the res by random luck, was just clicking on the site late at night and there happened to be one available. It was amazing. There were two dishes that were incredible--the smoked egg and caviar, and the frozen foie gras grated over riesling jelly and lychee--and many that were merely excellent, and two (beef cheeks w/ charred jalapeno and snail sausage cubes on pasta) that were kind of weird/lame. Overall one of the better restaurant meals I've ever had.