brothercyst: FAMILY PLANNING

Friday, November 14, 2008


So last night I went to see Karan Mahajan read from his new book Family Planning at KGB Bar. I read the novel in an earlier draft and it was excellent. It's about a man in the Indian government who is only sexually attracted to his wife when she's pregnant, and so he keeps having children with her. In addition to begetting a huge brood, he's also responsible for the proliferation of flyovers throughout Delhi... flyovers being weird, half-completed overpasses that ripple the landscape and never seem to get finished, although they keep getting funded. It's also about his oldest son, who learns some things about his past and nurses persistent issues regarding his parents' marriage. Themes include Bryan Adam, pregnant sex, secrets parents keep from children, secrets children keep from parents, and comic absurdity of Indian politics. Highly recommended.

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