brothercyst: MY ASS IS BRUISED

Sunday, November 09, 2008


from falling on the ice. And all my muscles are sore, and there's a blood bruise on my palm. Soreness is from skating and from I don't know what else, maybe doing pull-ups on a random pull-up bar in someone's doorway? I read Consider the Lobster, which Alison gave to me and which is very good.

I got 2666, which got the ultimate book review in the New York Times, at its release party. Do other people like BolaƱo? I started By Night in Chile and didn't like it.



consider the lobster, yes yes.

bolano i think is a product of the young death syndrome. i tried to read 'the savage detectives' and gave up at pg 100. all he does it talk about how he wants to be a famous poet. he won i guess.

wb said...

I LOVE Bolano. I've been reading 2666 since last week and am agreeing with Lethem's NYT review so far in. But I don't know if I would go right into after reading Infinite Jest. That's a lot of pages for only 2 books.

I agree with Blake, that there's a lot about writers and writing and wanting to be a great writer--as Lethem said, he breaks a lot of the writing school rules--but he has a way of putting things that might seem to be totally boring in a fantastically interesting and often scary way.

As you can see, I'm a big fan. How was the release party?

tinmaninc said...

I am reading The Savage Detectives right now. The book is a little rough. I can only imagine that it reads better in Spanish.