Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have an excessive number pillows on my bed. Mostly blue or black. I buy new ones on a pretty regular basis. I like to have a sort of large nest to sleep in, and I like to sleep only when incredibly tired and, if alone, fully dressed. For example, I'll sit in the living room (so I will be less inclined to sleep) writing on my laptop until very late at night/early in the morning, until I'm so tired I'm wobbly-feeling, with the world kind of queasily moving in the manner of an egg yolk. Then I'll move quickly into the bedroom, turn the heat on, fall into the bed fully clothed (usually wearing jeans and several shirts) and lose consciousness almost immediately. My insomnia has almost completely disappeared since the summer.

Last night, I stayed in the living room writing and reading, sitting up with the light on, and the world did not turn egg yolky and I didn't get so tired I had to collapse. So, I stayed up all night, and now I'm here, awake, and I went swimming and feel simultaneously very awake and very tired, and I seem to see the world through the body of a jellyfish.

Midnight Picnic, my "second" novel, is at the printer. Pre-order Midnight Picnic from Word Riot. You'll like it.

"Rat Beast" is either sold out or almost sold out. Order "Rat Beast" for $2, including shipping.

Karan Mahajan reading tonight at KGB, go see that. Outline to write, multiple outlines, Strangelets to write. Infinite Jest to read. 2666 to read. New York Tyrant party to go to? Essay to write. Also I am a subject in a clinical study involving sleep disorders?? For which I will be paid. I wrote a new story called "Playground in the Fire" but I thought of something about it and I need to revise it. Also, a reptile is bleating confusedly at me. (Reptiles can bleat.) It always seems to be the case that when someone is being a reptile to you, you are, in a different realm of your life, being a reptile to someone else, so there is cruel balance in the universe.

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