Wednesday, November 05, 2008


- rat beast -

I stayed up all night last Thursday and (in addition to completing many other tasks, like writing a budget and responding to a million emails) wrote a story called "Rat Beast." It will be published as a short chapbook by Mud Luscious Press. pre-order here for $2, including shipping, I think.

You should definitely buy chapbooks from Mud Luscious Press. It is run by J.A. Tyler and it publishes very short, digestible stories from excellent indie-based writers (like Blake Butler, Shane Jones, etc.--see them all on the Mud Luscious site). If you buy "Rat Beast," I think you will enjoy it. It costs $2! That's basically the same as free.

On Sunday night I stayed up all night and wrote a short story (both of these stories were very short) called "Playground in the Fire."

- midnight picnic -

I signed a contract today for Midnight Picnic. We'll announce soon who'll be putting it out.

And Impetus has passed on; so it goes. I've been in touch with Willy Blackmore pretty consistently since I heard the news and it seems he's been dealing with the fallout heroically. I feel bad for their other authors, especially those whose books were scheduled to come out next year or in the indefinite future.

- swedish vampires -

I saw Let the Right One In. Watch the wonderful trailer. The film is good, it's elementally discomfiting. It's an art movie, a vampire movie, a love story, and a movie about how violence gets passed on. The whole time, I was going, "This is very good, it's interesting and strange, I don't love it, but it's really really good." And then comes the last scene, which is the single best bullies-get-their-comeuppance scene I have watched. It happens suddenly and perfectly and is over fast. It's sick and wrong and profoundly, profoundly cathartic.

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