brothercyst: SHIELD ENDS

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The final episode of The Shield was on tonight.

NY Times
("The episode is one of the truly great finales in TV history, and - like "The Shield" itself - a towering achievement for this medium.")
Chicago Tribune ("I don’t really know how any show could come up with an ending any better than “The Shield’s” final outing.")
Salon ("Holy mother of all finales!")

Now that they can't drop the ball, it's official:

Favorite show of all time, hands down.


boychik said...

I don't want to watch any more cop shows, no matter how wonderfully written. I heard a Hollywood agent say recently, "There's one show on TV these days. They're all variations of Law and Order." Gimme comedy, and not just cute nuclear family stuff.

Boychik Lit

N A said...

Now that The Shield's gone, I don't either. Although I'm not sure that comedy is the only thing I want to watch. Somebody should give Brad Neely a TV show. Or Chris Cunningham. Or give David Lynch another one.

willson said...

well i don't this that such kinda awesome series can come to end and if it is then i don't bother coz i have so many previous episodes of its which i got after download the shield episodes.

bill said...

The Shield is such a wonderful show to watch. I like the plot of this show which is really interesting. And the acting of Michael Chiklis is just amazing.

rookie said...

The Shield TV Show is a good show. The plot of the show is interesting and I always watch this show online. And the finale episode was really rocking.