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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Grimness. I might have to go out of town for a few days. Better to think of distracting things.

Like how good the penultimate episode of The Shield was. The plot is so labyrinthine now that there are some inevitable holes (didn't the feds want to know what Vic wanted immunity for??), but the brilliant character writing makes up for it ten times over. Mackey's confession scene was incredible (as this guy orgasmically gushes), and I love the perversity of the scenario the show's writers managed to set up: Anything Mackey can confess to, he gets immunity for, and any falsehood in the confession invalidates the immunity, so he has to fully confess, in one sitting, to every crime he's ever committed. Multiple murders, torture, everything. Brilliant episode, one of the best ever, great last line: "I've done worse."

Last night was surprising. Got free bottle of absinthe at the Moth Ball. Worked on Strangelets late night. Had healthy conversations.

I have a huge crush on L.A. attorney Allison Margolin. Look how stoned she is in her self-promotional video!

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