Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, Jackie tells me that you have been pre-ordering Midnight Picnic from the Word Riot site. Good job, readers. For those who haven't, consider it--buying directly from the (independent) publisher avoids the "Amazon skull-fuck." That's what independent publishers call it. You don't want that to happen to independent publishers, do you? Books are nice Christmas presents. (I'm getting a book and a shirt, I think. My family's poor this year!)

I finished another draft of that novel about the nervous breakdowns, now time to let it sit for a bit (which means send it to the one person who can see my shitty first/second/third drafts... the one person... please live forever, B) and then fuck with it some more. I cut like 10,000 words and wrote some new scenes and restructured most of the first section.

Tomorrow: Thanksgiving with blood relations. Food, rest, calm.

God, the days lately are insane. I shut down my brain and play the same adrenalized rap song over and over again as I massage numbers and cell comments and =sum( formulas in excel spreadsheets for hours. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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eric said...

I will definetely go through your book. Thanks.

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