brothercyst: Word Riot to publish Midnight Picnic on Dec. 15th

Friday, November 07, 2008

Word Riot to publish Midnight Picnic on Dec. 15th

More info here (press release).

Pre-order Midnight Picnic from Word Riot Press here (do it).

It's better to buy it from the publisher.

I'm glad to announce that Jackie Corley and Word Riot Press are going to publish Midnight Picnic, and it will be delayed less than two months. Pleasing! The release date will be December 15th.

Jackie took this project on fast and I'm really impressed.

More to come.


I just got back from ice skating in Bryant Park with Tom and Clare. It hurt. I have never been skating before. People were having fun but every once in a while we'd skate by a dent in the ice that had fresh blood in it (really). It took me a long time to be able to skate all the way around without touching the wall. I did it. Then I fell--the kind of hard fall that makes your ears fill up with cotton and disables your equilibirum and you feel like throwing up. I got up and skated around again until I got to the gate and I left the ice. By this time I was drenched in sweat. I sat on a bench beside the ice and took my shirt off because I was so soaked. (Sorry for toweling myself off with your nice red scarf, Clare!) Tom took his shirt off in solidarity. Here's a picture Clare took of us (and a confused little child) before the people in charge told us to put our shirts back on.

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