brothercyst: A BIT

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I've spent the past two days in a sort of binary mode. Extreme, almost ravenous (except of course that word's a little off since I'm not consuming, I'm producing) creative energy--or sleep. I'm at Tom's house in Massachusetts, mostly hidden away in bedrooms. I really, really need a better place to write in general. During the times when everyone's asleep or out skiing or whatever, it's so extraordinary to be isolated in this house for hours, writing steadily. The last time I felt this energetic was about a year ago, almost exactly, when I spent two weeks alone in a house in the woods. Does anyone know any wealthy people who let writers, or would let a writer, crash in their house (perhaps care for their house) for some extended period of time and write?

Not only am I dying to see Bronson, but I've become obsessed with that classic Pet Shop Boys song in the trailer, "It's A Sin." It'd been years since I last heard it. I forgot what it reminded me of... it's Cat Stevens' "Wild World."

What I've been working on is a project that came to me suddenly and is an experiment, I guess. In terms of how much I usually write in one sitting or one day, I've written an astonishing amount in the past 48 hours. But as a fraction of all the things I still need to be doing, it's a bit.


update: Taking a break from writing at 2 am Saturday night. My mind is just churning lately, I feel like I'm expending too much energy and I'll die young when my brain runs out or something. But are they even good ideas I'm generating? Tonight I ran outside naked for a little while in the deep-ish snow (wearing shoes). It was amazing. I'm going to do it again. Briefly exhilarated. Before that (clothed) found a frozen creek and cracked the ice with a makeshift stave.


paula said...

I have a house. Not sure if it would work for you. I don't know. Let me know if you are really interested.

J.S.S said...

I have It's a Sin on repeat because of that trailer.
Don't suppose you've heard the Skins version of Wild World:

Ben Spivey said...

you could maybe try a writer colony. some people like those, some of them are really nice with 5 star chefs and things like that. apparently they cook several meals a day, but if you don't want to come out of your room you don't have to and no one will bother you or anything like that. maybe that's something.

Beneficent Allah said...

1) HOW DID WE MISS THE NUDERUN?!??! Kicking myself no homo.

2) When you linkin me cuzz?

N A said...

Paula--you do? Whoa, is it in New York? I'll message you.

JSS, nice cover.

Ben, I think I'm going to. I know of one I can go to. Some others maybe, too. BUt what I'd really love is just the country house of somebody who's not using it. You know, really on my own. There's a certain pressure in the idea of being at a writers colony. Isn't every writer who goes to a writer's colony thinking 'WHAT IF I GO TO A WRITERS COLONY AND DONT WRITE ANYTHING???'

Mahbod, I don't know how you missed the run, people ran outside without clothes on. Linked now though.