Saturday, January 31, 2009


Stressful/eventful week. In retrospect, I'm fortunate that I didn't get to go to France, although that would have been a good experience. But it would have screwed some other things up pretty badly. Saw a pretty interesting opening by painter Rachel Klinghoffer Bender. Desperately tried to keep up with rising tide of day job stuff... only a matter of time. Wrote some. And Midnight Picnic arrived! For real this time. Reviews appearing soon. (Remember to buy it from the publisher.)

Last night, just kind of relaxed once I finally got home. A. and I watched "Blink," a standalone episode of Doctor Who starring Carey Mulligan that, while a little silly in the execution, is pretty brilliantly written--and Mulligan is a star. Also, the "weeping angels" villains are great.

This afternoon just to give myself a bit of vegetable-brain time I went to see The Uninvited by myself. It's a movie where I thought it was kind of mediocre all the way through, but the end was unexpected and made it a lot better. What kept me rapt throughout the entire thing were the two actresses, Emily Browning and Arielle Kebbel, who are pretty visually interesting. Kebbel is dutifully sexy in a typical Hollywood tall-hot-girl-standing-in-line-outside-a-nightclub way, but Browning looks like an alien from outer space and is absurdly, almost awkwardly fascinating to look at. (Roger Ebert seems to agree; the first three words of his review are "Emily Browning's face".) That weird, wide face! She could be the daughter of David Bowie and Kelly MacDonald. She's got unique presence, too, even in this sometimes-stupid horror movie.

UPDATE TWO MINUTES LATER: Wait, I just searched for her on YouTube and the first thing that comes up is this cringe-worthy montage of her drinking at clubs. Less interesting.

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Eric Shonkwiler said...

I loved Browning back when it was illegal to do so, in Lemony Snicket. I would watch a movie just to see her blink and make pouty lips.