brothercyst: I AM AN ADDICT

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I'm addicted to baths*. I seriously have a problem going a day without taking a bath (and this is in addition to swimming every day; I really don't feel right if I haven't been in the water). In part this is because I like to read in the bathtub. The internet can't distract me. Nor can the phone or the TV. (Although admittedly, if I'm waiting for something important, I might set the phone beside the bathtub.) I can read several chapters of something straight through, or read a whole magazine. Before I quit smoking, I liked to smoke in the bathtub.

Thursday night I'm going to Tom's** house in Massachusetts ostensibly to go skiing. But I'm not going skiing. I don't even know how to ski! I'm just going to hide away in a bedroom the whole weekend and write and occasionally emerge to banter.

In the bathroom attached to the bedroom I got last time (and hope to get again!) there's a big jacuzzi style bathtub. I love this. If I take breaks drowsing in the large warm bathtub with the water jets, I estimate I will be 25% more productive this weekend. Then it'll be back to the small, grimy, oddly comforting bathtub in my own apartment.

Tonight, though, I go to a medical study center to spend the night (and all day tomorrow) with a bunch of sensors and wires attached to my body in preparation for an experimental drug trial. Am excited.

*and heroin.
**Tom cleared the air on Youtube about that website, Now we can have a peaceful vacation.


Adam Humphreys said...

love baths

Beneficent Allah said...

I'm going to jet in that whirlpool witchya.