Thursday, January 08, 2009


Tomorrow (Friday) night at 7, I'm reading at KGB (85 East 4th St.) with Ned Vizzini and Karan Mahajan. I'm probably going to read a couple short things, one of which is the unpublished very short story "Playground in the Fire," which I wrote at the same time as "Rat Beast" and which is about the same length.

I read it once tonight out loud to make sure it would be all right and maybe make a change or two. I recorded it, so if you can't make the reading and want to hear a story, click here to listen to it, although it's not quite a "performance." It's about 8 minutes long. Occasionally you'll hear me stop to change something.


Also--amazing scans of old Edward Gorey book The Recently Deflowered Girl.

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