brothercyst: SICK +"RAT BEAST" (AUDIO)

Friday, January 09, 2009


The second story I read at the reading was "Rat Beast." If you didn't buy it from ML press when it came out, it's sold out now, so you can't. But you can listen to me practicing it last night, here.


So on this morning at 4 am I woke up extravagantly sick. I didn't know my body could sweat that much. It wasn't like droplets of sweat trickling down me, it was like rivers. I watched rivers of sweat run down me. And when I tilted my head to the side, it rained on my shoulder. I've never seen anything like it. And I threw up for twelve hours straight. It was one of those falling-into-a-thin-sleep-on-the-bathroom-floor days. How did this happen? There are three possibilities.

1) I ate a hamburger at 3 the previous afternoon. Food poisoning?
2) I drank a LOT of of water and cranberry juice Thursday night trying to flush my system of toxins/drugs. Water intoxication?
3) Wild card. I just got a virus somewhere?

Anyway I was an absolute shell of a human all day. Didn't go to work, canceled an appointment. I'm visibly thinner today than I was 24 hours ago. If I clench my teeth you can see that my cheeks are hollower, and if I take off my clothes, my stomach is actually concave. With absolutely no food in my body, I have the physique of a first-month Dachau prisoner.

But this was the day--ironically--of the Sane Young Writers with Good Hygiene reading (as I lay naked, half-conscious, and reeking of stomach acid on my floor) at KGB with Ned Vizzini, Karan Mahajan and me. Here's a picture of us from tonight. So I dragged myself into a cab and went uptown, did the reading, and came home. The reading was great--KGB was packed with a huge, very enthusiastic crowd. Now I'm home and I'm going to rest in bed for about 36 hours.


Matt DeBenedictis said...

Thank you for posting the audio. I love audio readings and Rat Beast so worlds have collided for my glee.

N A said...