Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It's Craigslist Missed Connections Week on this blog.

Each day this week, I will post four short installments of a story on Craigslist Missed Connections. The story is written in the form of Missed Connections posts.

Today as a bonus let's look at some agreeably emphatic interview quotes from Lady GaGa
, who I've increasingly come to believe is some sort of genius. "Russian roulette is not the same without a gun/and baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun." Come on! Who loves pop music?


Today's four CL posts are below.

(Read Monday's and Tuesday's installments for "background" as it were.)

I've continued to get a bunch of emails from people replying to the posts themselves. They range from men hitting on the "female" posters to men expressing opinions to the effect of "that's what you get for being a slut, bitch."

The best one was from the woman who asked "Who's your gynecologist?" I'm impressed by that woman.

Also, posts started showing up Tuesday afternoon that appear to be written by a person or persons playing along with the story and writing installments of their own. Good job, person or persons! Here is post one and here is post two. (And here are the screenshots.) They're describing a person/character like the pale roommate in the story who sits alone and reads at Bar Veloce. I didn't write these.

Wait, even better, updating the draft of this post with another one. (Screenshot.)

Oh and I like the polygamists one. (Screenshot.)


Here are today's posts that I did write:

mc w/ the no-legged man who lived in the hole - m4m - 28 (bushwick)

U R lame - w4m - 22 (ur bed)

Strange Conductor - w4m - 22 (Cortland St. station)

Sociopathic Eyepatch Guy, I Am Intrigued - m4m - 31 (think coffee)