brothercyst: CRASH

Monday, February 23, 2009


Huh, people lost a lot of money today. Imaginary infrastructure collapsing. That's what happens when you build things on "confidence"--they say.

Midnight Picnic inaugural reading happened Saturday night, went very well. Full house at KGB, thank you Jackie, Marty, Ariel, Elaine, Rachel, Sabra, David, Stu, Todd, Karan, Tom, Mahbod, Dan, Rich, Lexy, Lucy, Brianna, Nick, many others, and even a good number of people I didn't know, and thanks for buying the book. I signed the books. If you couldnt go because you're not in New York but you want to buy a signed book, email me.

So, so sleepy for the last 36 hours. Yesterday all I did was drowse. Unacceptable.

Matt DeBenedictis wrote a post about Midnight Picnic, including illustrations. Nice.


Matt DeBenedictis said...

I hope my sad attempt at drawing did not offend you. I did draw a pile of child bones but it looked like a pile of penises. The internet isn't ready for that.

N A said...

I've heard about that movie...