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Friday, February 20, 2009


Tonight I saw Brian Evenson and Jesse Ball read. (Wikipedia... I'm not important enough to have a Wikipedia entry.) Two awesome writers with new books out that I'm excited to read. Last Days by Evenson sits beside my bed.

Exhausted from work.

The Midnight Picnic book trailer ran on TV for about a week. For 93,000 people who subscribe to cable via the Dish Network, it ran on Lost last Wednesday night, costing me about $75. The total number of estimated viewers of the ad according to Google was ~700,000 and the total cost for the whole campaign was ~$800, an amount which I can afford thanks to a grant I got a little while ago. The rest of the grant will go to paying my rent and buying me food.

Remember, my inaugural reading for Midnight Picnic will be this Saturday, February 21 at KGB Bar. Bess is going to do something strange with my short stories, I'll read a little, and people will just hang around and drink. Books will be available.

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