Thursday, March 05, 2009


I contributed (late) to a review roundtable at Ed Champion's site on Eric Kraft's new novel Flying, a confounding and strange and sometimes excellent book that had the reviewers wildly divided. I was surprised at how many people seemed upset or frustrated by it, or dismissive, even though I had misgivings at first. But it's a fascinating book and I'd actually quite strongly recommend it to others, especially after thinking about it more.

Michael Mann's Public Enemies just went on the list of movies I most want to see.

Sick today, home from work. Oh well. Upheaval in life and in body.

Reading the David Foster Wallace stuff in the latest New Yorker. Only on the article, haven't read the fiction yet. Very fascinating.


Little Miss Nomad said...

Saw it. Depp is great. Bale disappoints. Overall, don't want to disappoint, but it was underwhelming. Seemed to be the consensus of the audience.

N A said...

But everyone thought that about Miami Vice, which I thought was an amazing movie. Did you like Miami Vice?

Little Miss Nomad said...

I did like Miami Vice. Totally different. I'm sorry, I don't want to ruin it for you. Maybe they'll cut it into new brilliance. Depp is really quite excellent. They just could have sexed it up a bit. Billy Crudup is very jowly, and every time anyone but Depp was on screen, I wanted to fall asleep.

N A said...

Interesting. I'll still see it, but perhaps with diminished expectations.