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Friday, March 27, 2009

Lungfull! Party in April

Welcome to the interesting times we were warned about living in.
On Saturday April 18 at 6:45 they get a whole lot more interesting...


Join us as we usher in the latest issue AND a new era of shantytowns
decorated with the discarded blackberries of vanquished bankers,
& the quaint but worthless wallets of laid off ad men.

At the event, pick up the latest issue of LUNGFULL!
-- perhaps the last which will be available for "money" --
next year bring a pair of shoes and some fried squirrel,
someday you'll point to your copy of LUNGFULL and
dazzle your kids with stories about paying for things
with little plastic rectangles and pieces of paper.

200 pages of poems, fiction, rough drafts, art, world news reports,
irate letters to the editor. A complete list down below.

Saturday 4/18 at 6:45pm
Zinc Bar
82 West 3rd Street NYC
Between Sullivan and Thompson
Subway ACEBDQF to West 4th RW to 8th or Prince
$5-15 sliding scale fundraiser. $20 gets you in plus a copy of the magazine.

Madoff Victims and AIG Excs willing to divide their bonuses among the audience get in free.

Still reading this invitation?

Good, now that it's just the two of us, I can further invite you
to hit the (relatively) TOTALLY NEW

• sneak preview of the upcoming issue.
• video for those too drunk/lazy to read
• explanation of why the crash is a good thing
• because LUNGFULL receives state money, full financial dislosure. Main sources of income: buying beer for teenagers at the bodega and stealing old people's medicine to resell to poets. Cost saving measures: eating coworker's lunch - just click on "budget" for more.
If won't run on your broke down computer, upgrading's never been easier now that looting is the new paypal.
Pick up a new hi-def TV and homemade ice cream maker while you're out.
Some people came to New York to make a buck. Others to live a creatively fulfilled life. With no money left to be made, anyone left is either a chump or a creative genius. In either case, you'll feel right at home at the LUNGFULL! RELEASE GALA AND NEW NEW DEAL PARTY.

Many of the following contributors will be there, singing or reading a poem or two.
New writing from:
Matt Hart, Jessea Perry, Sam Magavern, Nathan Hoks, Nick Antosca, David Berrigan, Bradford Gray Telford, Sean Kilpatrick, Stephanie Cleveland, Rebecca Loudon, Anthony Farrington, Elizabeth Hughey, Craig Cotter, Duane Vorhees, Todd Colby, Jeni Olin, Chris Martin, Scott Abels, Eugene Ostashevsky, Fred Schmalz, Lee Ranaldo, Noelle Kocot, Will Morris, Marianne Vitale, Mike Topp, Clnt Frakes, Kevin McWha Steele, Suejin Suh

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