Monday, March 02, 2009


I'm exhausted. (That reminds me, whatever happened to my copy of the John Holmes "documentary" Exhausted? It's just sex scenes from his various porn movies intercut with a few chain-smoking, coked-out interviews, but it's what Boogie Nights was inspired by. It was in my old desk at home in Maryland, but that's not my room anymore and the desk is somewhere else. I bet my mom found it and thew it away.) The best thing about spending weekends largely indoors, working, is that they seem to last so much longer.

This weekend Laura Ellen Scott brought up me, Blake Butler, and Shane Jones at a panel at the Fiction Writing Seminar at George Mason University as examples of indie types using the internet & blogs to get stuff out there. This is very cool, and I'm glad. She apparently told them to google us, and they did, because I can see it on Statcounter now.

Elizabeth Hand blurbed Midnight Picnic and I knew that she wrote about it in Fantasy & Science Fiction, but I didn't know she had picked it as one of her best of 2008 (before it got pushed to Feb. 2009, obvs). I'd like to meet Elizabeth Hand sometime. Her writing is excellent and she has been really kind to this book.

It's so great to go back and read and watch something you loved as a kid and find it's not only as good as you remember in all the ways you thought, but it's better in other ways, too. (Like when I recently reread William Sleator's Singularity.) Built to last and so forth. Strong fundamentals. "Durable structure."

That is to say, John Carpenter's The Thing is an amazing movie.

And one of the best things about it is, after all the rising tension and violence and the climactic orgasm of Rob Bottin's monster-gore special effects, it has this elegantly eerie, minimalist ending that's just two guys in the snow, waiting to die.

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Matt DeBenedictis said...

wilfred brimley's nose ring was the unanswered question of that glorious film.