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Thursday, April 09, 2009


Tonight I went to a dinner party at ASB's and was told that my blog makes me seem like a different person than I am in real life.

That in person I have "a normal emotional range" and a "healthy sense of humor"--but on my blog, not so much!



Sometimes Brooklyn is beautiful. I was never a Brooklyn person but I looked at an apartment there tonight that I kind of fell in love with immediately. Everything--the living situation, the neighborhood, my potential bedroom--seems perfect. I'm not going to guess about the odds of getting it--I'm sure I'm in competition with a lot of other people, there's no way there's not serious demand for that place--but my fingers are crossed for the next few days. [Update: Never mind, forget all that.]


Is Stephen King a good, great, mediocre, or terrible writer? He's written some complete shit, for sure. (I'm trying to think of an example, but all I'm coming up with are some short stories. Like the one about the long finger that comes out of the plumbing to attack you.) But this is a guy for whom the road is always open, it seems. He finishes a novel and then he starts another novel, and there are full worlds created in each of them. They aren't exercises, they're terraria with flora and fauna and history. They obviously require a lot of thought and work, but he doesn't seem to get blocked or stop to rest--ever. That is incredible. But how good are his best books? I'd put The Stand, The Shining, Misery, Apt Pupil, and a few others on a list of really extraordinary achievements. I mean, The Stand is a real feat. I know some writers who'd disagree pretty strongly with the previous two sentences. And yes, his prose can suck sometimes. But I'm becoming more and more admiring of writers who can truly tell a story. And I'm getting increasingly tired of writers--especially exalted "literary" ones--who can't, and who cover up the lack of ability with tricks.


No newspaper has ever referred to me as "dashing" before. I'll allow myself to pretend this isn't tongue-in-cheek.


I'm just sitting around procrastinating at this point. Shit.


Little Miss Nomad said...

So does that "update" mean you got the apartment or not so much?

N A said...

It means I received the following:

"Hi Nick,
Thanks for coming out and meeting us about the room in our apt. Unfortunately we've decided to go with one of the other people we met (if it's any consolation she's a model so everyone else we met with had an uphill climb to overtake her)."