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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've become more and more interested in storytelling. I have tremendous respect for writers (and non-writers, for that matter) who can tell a story effectively, whether through some osmotically internalized skill or because they consciously taught themselves to do so. And I'm becoming less and less interested in pretty writers who can't tell stories.

Who knows, the pendulum may swing back. But that's how I'm rolling these days.

I'm pleased to see that my early-adopter affection for the genius of Lady Gaga is legitimized by the mere existence of a New Yorker profile on same.

This week I have an appointment with a psychiatrist. I've never been to one before. First psychiatrist and first Blackberry in the same week--I'm finally an adult.

I wish I had some writing to post here. I don't want to post an excerpt from the big thing I wrote recently because I feel like I have to wait on some things. But I don't have any new short stories. I haven't written a short story since November. I want to go to a writer's retreat. Anybody know of any good grants?

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